FedEx worker stops to fold fallen flag

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FedEx worker stops to fold fallen flag

FREEHOLD, N.J. (CNN) — A patriotic deed caught on camera after the wind blew a flag pole down in a New Jersey yard.

A FedEx driver stopped his route to fold the American flag and place it on the homeowner’s front door.

The winds were whipping Friday in Freehold so much so that Rick Guerino’s flag pole came tumbling down on his front yard.

While at work he got an alert from his ring doorbell camera.

Rick Guerino says, “I just saw a FedEx guy coming up my driveway and I didn’t know why because I wasn’t getting a package. And all of a sudden he bent down and picked up my flag.”

FedEx driver Chris Oslovitch says, “When you see something like that, you can’t just, you know, drive past it and ignore it. It’s something that just caught my eye and I had to do something about it.”

32-year-old Chris Oslovitch unhooked the flag from the pole and began properly folding it.

Oslovitch says, “It’s a respectful thing to do. The flag is never supposed to touch the ground. If you live in a country like this, you should be proud of where you come from.”

Wanting to spread the message of respect, Guerino posted the video on Facebook.

Rick Guerino says, “I was just so stunned by the kind act that he did. It was stunning. You don’t see that often.”

Guerino says he had the flag pole since 9/11.”

Oslovitch says his father was one of the first responders to arrive on the scene on “9/11.” He learned how to properly fold the flag from him. His dad since passed away from cancer.

Oslovitch says, “Both of my grandfathers served in the war. My father was an Essex County Sheriff’s Officer, so I grew up in a pretty respectable, strict family. I like to think I had a very good upbringing, and I’d like to pass on that positive image.”

The two patriots plan to meet in person later this week.

Guerino says he needs to replace the flag pole and get a new American flag waving soon.

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