Creek House Honey Farm Dominates Local Raw Honey Market

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The Texas Panhandle has been missing something, Paige Nester is now providing. 

Nester is the owner of Creek House Honey Farm in Canyon. She started her honey making business nine years ago, by accident, when she bought honey bees to help pollinate her family’s pumpkin farm. 

“We got two hives the first year and the next year we had four,” Nester explained. 

She quickly realized how important these insects are to our ecosystem. 

“We would lose a third of the world’s crops if we didn’t have bees pollinating,” Nester said.

Today, Nester has anywhere from 60 to 100 hives producing honey, something she calls a ‘cure-all.’She said raw honey has been proved to help with allergies, cure a cough, and heal burns, cuts, and wounds. 

Family and friends have quickly realized its benefits too—helping launch Nester’s business into the local honey empire it’s becoming today. 

“Well, the first couple of years we just kind of had a list for family and friends,” Nester explained. “And then we realized their friends were telling friends and we had people calling all the time to get on ‘the list’ and so we figured this was a needed thing for the Texas panhandle.”

Her products can be found in local boutiques and pharmacies across West Texas and the Texas Panhandle. Her products are also sold online and in their store in Canyon. 

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