Atomic Armadillos Show Off Robot-in-Progress for March Competition

Good News

The Atomic Armadillos at the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning love robots

They showed off their skills and their robot-in-progress today.

Amarillo will be hosting its very first robotics competition in March. In the engineering event, participating teams spend six weeks creating a robot from start to finish. 

Once the teams have completed their creations, it becomes a battle of wires and programming as the robots compete against each other in a difficult field game.

“Everybody is trying to be real friendly and open,” said Zander Cortez, safety officer. “That is one of the things that first does. They promote openness and friendliness with everybody. We try our best to communicate, even though there is sometimes language barriers. We still figure a way out to get it done.”

Qualifying teams will advance to regionals.

The competition in March will be held at the civic center. 

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