Amarillo ISD hosts technology summit for teachers

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Teachers learn How to integrate more technology into classrooms

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Amarillo ISD teachers were taught how to take the technology their students play with and use it as a tool for learning.

The lessons were taught at a two-day summit hosted by AISD and Ed Tech Team.

 “The kids come to us knowing a lot already in terms of entertainment,” Diane Ray said. “And so now we’re taking what they know and feeding it into the world of education and math and science, and how that can translate that gaming knowledge they have into the world and occupational knowledge in the future.”

Ray is a first-grade teacher at Carver Early Childhood Academy. She said she wanted to attend the summit to find out more about using technology to engage and motivate her students.  

“There are a lot of neat ways using the iPad and the computers,” Ray continued. “Getting kids to read and do math in a game kind of format is very enticing for them.”

Jessica Williams is a teacher in Connecticut. She attended an Ed Tech Team Summit years ago and now helps teach at summits across the country.

“Well, hopefully, attending a summit like this can help them learn what they don’t know,” Williams said. “And then be like, ‘Wow, I can really infuse this in my classroom this fall.’”

Williams tries to incorporate some of the methods she would use in her classrooms, into her talks at these summits.

“Nobody likes sitting and getting like, you really do have to have some interaction,” Williams said. “And I tried to model through my sessions. Like, how are kids going to learn if they’re just sitting there silently, that’s not always the best way. So, as teachers are playing and experimenting, hopefully, it’s going to be ingrained in their minds a little bit more. And then they can see the pockets of where they can put it into their own classrooms and lessons.” 

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