(CNN) — Social distancing is all the more important for people with certain pre-existing conditions.

A cancer patient in South Carolina is careful not to interact with delivery drivers.

When one such driver realized his situation he dropped off more than just a package.

Carlos Pagan and his wife, Denise, have this sign posted outside their home.

Diagnosed with cancer in March, Carlos is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Nearly two weeks ago, they say their Amazon driver not only left a package, but read the sign and came back with flowers and a card signed Antonio.

Carlos Pagan says, “It really, really touched me, um, for him, you know, especially after he had delivered our package to come back. So he went out of his way to, to go purchase the flowers and the card and bring it back to the house.”

A week after leaving the flowers and card, they say he returned just to check in.

Denise Pagan says, “He wasn’t delivering any packages to us on sunday. He just wanted to make sure that whoever was going, undergoing the cancer treatment was okay.”

The two met through the window, exchanged names, stories, and words of encouragement.

Denise Pagan says, “His eyes brightened up when he saw him and that he was, he told him, I want you to know you’re going to be okay and you’re going to be walking.”

Carlos learned his battle is personal.

Carlos Pagan says, “I’d want it to thank him. And I told him that it really meant a lot to me. And he said, you know, I just wanted to do something because I lost my mother and my grandmother last year to cancer. And, um, it really hit home with me. And, um, it was just awesome. What he did was absolutely awesome.”

Deeply spiritual, Carlos believes this was a message from god.

Carlos Pagan says, “And he walked away from the window. I saw this ray of light come through the blinds of that window, like you won’t believe.”