19 Hospital ER staffers in Nebraska pregnant at same time

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Emergency rooms are full of surprises.

A typical day doesn’t exist in the one at Nebraska Medicine.

“We’re used to unpredictability around here,” nurse Heather Victor said.

Understanding that things can be crazy comes in handy for the nurses there.

“Most of us couldn’t keep it a secret,” nurse Dani Schulz said.

She takes comfort in what’s become a shared experience.

“I think most of us know what order we are in,” Schulz said.

This summer, Nebraska Medicine’s emergency department will seem more like the labor and delivery department.

Nurse Briley Hosch is patient zero.

She said she gets blamed but it’s also celebrated.

Hosch’s first child is due May 30th.

“It was probably October when people started talking,” Victor said.

“Every time we’d come to work we’d ask, ‘Anyone hear anyone new who is pregnant? The rumor is so-and-so is pregnant, don’t tell anyone, but add it to the list,'” nurse Lisa Wulf said.

Nurse after nurse after nurse announced baby news, and so did physicians and other emergency room staff.

The final total? The department is expecting 19 babies this summer. That includes those whose wives are expecting.

“I was able to hide it a little better than the rest of them,” nurse Troy Beekman said.

Many of the nurses have never delivered a baby before, but doctors and residents have.

“We have to do 10 deliveries, so I’ve done them. I’d rather not do any of yours! I’ll rush you upstairs,” Dr. Amanda Anderson said.

She isn’t due until September.

“Finally started drinking the water and here we are,” Anderson said.

It’s hard not to feel good with all of the expecting moms in one place.

“Everyone’s really excited for me,” technician Nicki Johnson said.

There’s no shortage of pregnancy advice.

“I did that last week with one of the other Amandas. ‘I think I have a weird pain?’ And she’s like, ‘That’s normal. That’s normal,'” Anderson said.

With all the babies and maternity leave approaching, things might get tricky in the department.

“I’m glad I’m not doing the schedule,” nurse MacKenzie Gorman said.

No one is worried. With nine months to plan, schedulers have found plenty of backups.

“We’ve already planned to do lots of brunches with mimosas with our babies this summer and just laugh at everyone at work,” Wulf said.

Staff told 6 News that the most babies they can remember due around the same time in the last 20 years or so was five or six.

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