Getting a poor night’s sleep makes you crave junk food


A new study reveals sleep deprivation increases hormones which make eating feel enjoyable and lead to craving foods high in sugar and fat.

(FOX NEWS) — Getting a poor night’s sleep could be giving you that hankering for junk food.

This, according to a new study published in the journal “e-life.”

The study examined two separate groups of people.

One group got a normal night’s sleep, while the other only got four hours of rest.

Researchers then gave each group a set menu of food choices for the next day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The study found those who did not get enough sleep started craving foods high in sugar and fat.

Analysts say sleep-deprived participants chose to eat things like donuts, burgers, cookies, and chips.

Experts believe this is because the lack of sleep can increase the amount of hormones responsible for regulating appetite and cravings.

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