Gas Leak Near 45th and Georgia; Fire Crews Evacuating People

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UPDATE - 3 P.M.:

According to the Amarillo Fire Department's Facebook page. Georgia street will be "reopen in a few minutes."

We are told the staff at Georgia Manor has made the decision to keep their residents at their sister facility overnight to avoid any other possible issues today. 

No injuries have been reported in this incident.



UPDATE - 2:47 p.m.: Roy Urrutia with Atmos Energy says the flow of gas has been stopped from the pipe which was leaking. 

According to Urrutia, the nursing home and three adjacent houses service has been affected by the shut-off.

Urrutia anticipates crews having service restored within 2-4 hours. 


EARLIER INFORMATION: More information has been released about the gas leak near 45th and Georgia on the Amarillo Fire Department's Facebook Page: 

"46th & Georgia gas leak update: The city of Amarillo and AMS will be assisting the Georgia Manor Nursing & Rehab Center in transferring 57 of their residents to their sister facility Amarillo Center For Skilled Nursing. The gas leak is not posing a threat to the nursing home, but their HVAC system had to be shut down With the air conditioning off, the building is getting warm and the residents are getting uncomfortable. The residents will be transferred with city buses and AMS ambulances. Again, no injuries have been reported."

Officials on scene say the shopping center, Toot'N Totum have been evacuated and crews are now starting to evacuate a nursing home

Amarillo Fire has updated more information on their Facebook Page:


AMARILLO -- There is a gas leak in the area of 45th and Georgia on the south side of I-27.

Amarillo Fire Department spokesman Capt. Larry Davis says there are evacuations in the area. He is working on getting the specifics on the evacuation to the media.

Fire crews are informing affected people about the evacuation.

No word on the source of the leak.

We will have more as it becomes available.


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