Game Wardens Talk About Safety at Sand Drags


The second day of the Annual Sand Drags event took place on Saturday, Feb. 23. This event is a time where off-roaders can embrace the mud near the Canadian River.

Game Wardens want to remind participants to take precaution while enjoying the fun.

The Sand Drags brings in thousands of people to enjoy riding their off-road vehicles through the rough terrain.

“We have what’s called the Sand Drags,” Steve Urben, Potter County Game Warden, said. “And it’s where all of our off-roaders, they come from all over the United States. They come out here to have a good time and we’re just here to try and make sure that everybody stays safe for the weekend.”

While taking a vehicle through mud, water and other harsh conditions may be an unconventional way to have fun, Urben said it is okay as long as no one gets hurt.

“We’re looking at is their safety and making sure that everybody has the required safety equipment,” Urben stated. “And sometimes it can be as simple as even wearing their seatbelts.”

Tanner Gearn, a frequent visitor of the event and owner of his own off-roading equipment store, Lone Star Powersports, says he is no stranger to big tires and muddy fun.

“Grew up out here at the river,” Gearn said. “And been doing it for quite a few years now and it really brings families together and a lot of people and have a lot of fun. So, I guess it’s a way of life.”

Safety takes priority for those like Gearn who have grown up around this hobby. Gearn said that it starts with the equipment. 

“A lot of them nowadays are going to have the roll cage on them and good safety harnesses,” Gearn said. “As long as people use them properly, they’re very safe. We do recommend to wear helmets and do things as the manufacturers recommend.”

Urben said so far everyone is playing it safe and following the rules.

“Probably 99 percent of people are complying with that as well,” Urben said. “So, as long as it stays like this tomorrow, I think we’ll have pretty successful Sand Drags.”

Game Wardens ask that those who are participating, make sure they wear their helmets and protective gear. 

Sunday, Feb. 24 is the last day of the event.

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