Fundraising efforts continue for the AJ Swope Plaza. 

The Friends of AJ Swope have a fund set up at the Amarillo Area Foundation. People can visit their website or go to with a link to the Amarillo Area Foundation’s website. 

A couple of years ago a few friends of AJ Swope came together with the goal of somehow honoring their friend with a small amphitheater in Amarillo. Soon after, the thought of acknowledging and honoring the many notable individuals from Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle who have made distinguished contributions in their field with a walk of fame was added. 

After even more consideration and talks with leaders from Amarillo’s fire and police departments, the now “Friends of AJ Swope” added a first responders memorial to honor those men and women who have given their life in the line of duty.

The plaza will be centrally located in downtown Amarillo on SE 8th Street between Lincoln and Johnson streets. It will be adjacent to the city of Amarillo’s new ballpark, Hodgetown, on land owned by the city. Upon completion of the project, the plaza will be gifted to the city to manage and maintain.