Friends Remember Victim of Panhandle Fire

Massive grass fires are burning across seven states, including the Texas Panhandle, where seven people have been killed.

It's strong, gusty wind and dry conditions which are contributing to the wildfires. It's going on four days for some of these fires, being fought, both on the ground and the air. Along with the Texans who have died, livestock have also died and several firefighters have been injured.

Sloan Everett, 35, of Breckenridge was helping to save cattle on a Gray County Ranch when he and two others were overrun by the flames. Everett will be buried Saturday on the ranch where he died.

There's no shortage of people in Breckenridge whose lives have been impacted by Sloan everett. He was a youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Breckenridge. He served on the Hospital Board and the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He was also a local business owner. Although he's gone, members of the community say that his memory will live on.

It was business as usual at Everetts' business, Lonestar Laundry on Wednesday.

"Yes, Sloan would want us to have his laundromat open, so we're open," employee Wendy Muncie said.

Muncie knew Everett since he was a baby.

"Well, I used to babysit him," she explained. "When I walked in here 3 years ago, he said, 'Well, Wendy, if you babysat  me, of course you can work here.'"

Muncie explained that he was one of a kind.

"Just a very wonderful young man whose parents raised him right," she said, fighting back tears. "he never said an unkind word about anyone. Just a very fine young man in this town of Breckenridge."

Just down the street, Lee Olson served his regular lunch crowd at Ray's Grocery & Market, but there was one person missing.

"He was an everyday customer," Olson said.

Lee reminsced walking through his store with Sloan when he was a child.

"Of course, I watched him grow up from a small child to a young man," Olson said. "He was just Sloan. He was just a good guy."

Olson added that he was an example to many in the community.

"Sloan was just a fine young man," he said. He was a great father. He was a great friend. He embodied the biblical examples that were given of fatherhood, of sonship, of being a citizen."

Fighting back tears, Olson said what he'll miss most about Everett is, "everything."

A memorial service will take place on Saturday March 11th at First Baptist Church in Breckenridge at 2 pm.

The family of Sloan Everett requests that any donations be made to the building fund of First Baptist Church in Breckenridge.

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