Transportation to and from cancer treatment appointments will now be easier thanks to a new service.

ChemoCars and the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation are partnering to provide free rides to cancer treatment.

Ryan Parnell tells us the service is going to fill a void for local cancer patients.

“Just talking with folks and talking with our providers here in town, they really drove home the fact that this needs to be fixed. There’s never been a really good solution, there has always been options but there has never been a great on-demand solution until now with ChemoCars.”

Patients will just need to call ChemoCars at 704-981-2010.

They will then get a third-party car service like Uber and Lyft to pick the patient up, for free.

“A simple phone call can provide a ride, if someone needs a ride to and from any non-surgical oncology treatment, a simple phone call and probably within 10-15 minutes, there will be a ride there to pick them up- and take them to their treatment, also they can make a phone call when they are finished with their treatment and get a ride back home,” said Parnell.

Parnell tells us this service will make life a little easier on patients because they will no longer have to worry about finding a ride or worry about driving themselves.

“I’ve heard stories of folks that you know a family member has burned through all of their vacation and sick leave and they don’t have any time off to take their mom, dad, brother, whoever it is and that is very unfortunate. Cancer touches everyone, we know that it is a burden that no one wants so us being able to provide these rides to make it a little easier, I think is very beneficial.”

Being able to get to all of their appointments will also help the patients when it comes to their health.

“We know patients who are more compliant and don’t miss treatments, have better outcomes so this is a great service for those folks as well,” said Parnell.

Right now, ChemoCars are only available in North Carolina and Amarillo.

Parnell tells us, yesterday 22 rides were given to patients here in town.    

You can donate to the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation to help pay for these rides.

To donate, click here.