The former Texas police officer who was involved in a plot to murder two people in the Village of Sodus was sentenced on Thursday.

Bron Bohlar will serve 1-3 years in prison on a conspiracy charge as part of a plea deal he made with the prosecution. When the plea agreement was originally reached, prosecutors said Bohlar helped Timothy Dean rent a car that was used to get Dean from Texas to Sodus where he shot and killed Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn.

Prosecutors say Niles shared children with Dean’s wife, Charlene Childers, who had recently lost custody to Niles. They say that was the motive for the crime.

During Dean’s murder trial, Bohlar testified that he knew about the murder plot, saying the plan was to make the death of Niles look like a drug overdose. He also claimed he thought the murder plan was a joke.

Bohlar’s plea agreement was made before Dean’s trial. The prosecution thought, at the time, it was in the best interest of the case.

Niles’ mother spoke before sentencing asking Bohler why he didn’t stop Dean from murdering her son and Amber Washburn. Especially because he was a police officer who is supposed to serve and protect.

Amber Washburn’s parents stood behind the prosecutor who read a letter to Bohlar on their behalf and a letter from Amber’s sister. In the letter, Washburn’s family members said Bohlar could have stepped up and stopped the crime. And their children will no longer have their parents with them and would have to be in therapy for a long time.

Assistant District Attorney Christine Callahan talked about the victim’s family outside the courtroom.

“They have been in the case since October when the murders happened. They’ve made every court appearance, and we’ve had several meetings involved in any plea agreement. They sat through the entire trial, so today to have it to come to this conclusion, at least for one of the defendants, it’s a very difficult procedure for them, and the process that they are going through. So being able to speak on their behalf is something I was proud to do and to give their words to him to let him know the impact he really had on these families is important,” said Callahan.

Judge Daniel Barrett had harsh words for Bohlar at sentencing.

“I hope every day, for the rest of your sentence, the rest of your life, that you wake up and feel the pain, anguish and grief the anger of the families,” said Barrett.

Judge Barrett also said he wishes he could do it over and would never have agreed to the deal. But he said in court a deal is a deal.

News 8 is told the defense attorney will release a statement on Thursday.

Charlene Childers pleaded guilty to manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon in the case. She is scheduled to be sentenced at the end of June. Dean was convicted of murder and will be sentenced in July.