Why it’s not safe to skip bagging your produce at the grocery store

For Your Health

Putting produce directly into a cart and on a conveyor belt without placing it in a bag contaminants it in more germs than are on most bathroom doorknobs.

Skipping out on putting your produce in bags at the grocery store may be reducing plastic waste but it could be damaging your health.

Choosing to put your produce directly in your cart could be contaminating it with germs.

Just how many?

Well – research done by the company “reuse this bag” says a lot.

Analysts found a standard grocery shopping cart has close to 400-times more bacteria than a bathroom door handle.

The conveyer belt at the checkout line isn’t any better.

Experts say they’re porous material retains germs even after being cleaned.

Adding, it’s important to keep in mind the products which may have previously been placed on the belt such as raw meat packages which can contaminate your produce.

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