Wet and cold weather linked to increased cancer risks

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For the first time, a study finds an association between living in cold, wet regions and increased cancer prevalence

(CNN) — It’s well known that an increased exposure to UV rays from the sun increases a persons risk of skin cancer but a new study, that’s the first of its kind in the us, now finds a link between cancer rates and rainy and cold weather.

After collecting data on various cancers and adjusting analysis to control for age, gender, ethnicity, income level, population age and diversity, researchers found an increase in precipitation lead to an increase in incidence of all cancers. They found the same relationship happening in cooler weather, as well.

Overall, researchers found cancer rates were higher in very cold, wet regions, compared to hot, dry climates.

However, researchers aren’t suggesting that increased rainfall, temperature and moisture directly cause cancer instead they believe these climate factors, “may increase the exposure to carcinogens by acting as carriers or increasing the natural biotic generation of carcinogens.”

The study was published in the journal “Environmental Engineering Science.”

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