The way you sleep can reveal your personality traits

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A new study shows the differences in behavior among back, side, and stomach sleepers.

(FOX NEWS) – The positions you sleep in could hold the key to unlocking information about your personality according to a new “OnePoll” study examining the sleeping habits of 2,000 Americans.

Researchers found back sleepers fell asleep the quickest but slept the least.

Adding, a majority considered themselves both early birds and introverts.

The study found side sleepers get the most amount of sleep but take longer to get to bed.

They were also more apt to categorize themselves as both night owls and extroverts.

The study also revealing the most popular position for sleeping was on the side.

People who sleep on their stomachs are the goldilocks of sleepers.

They fall right in the middle of getting the right amount of sleep and having a mix of introvert and extroverted characteristics.

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