Study: Reading better than screen time for kids brains

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Study: Scans show benefit of reading vs. Screen time

(CNN) — Most parents know that kids love screen time…

But limiting that TV or iPad time and reading to children instead will boost their brain development.

This first scan is from a preschooler who is often read to by a caregiver.

The red areas show a growth in organized white matter supporting language and literacy development.

The second scan is from a child who likely spends about two hours a day with screens.

The blue shows massive underdevelopment in the same areas needed to support learning.

Researchers at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital also gave cognitive tests to children.

They found that kids who used screens for more than one hour a day had poorer emerging literacy skills and less ability to use expressive language.

However, children who frequently read books with their caregiver scored higher on the tests.

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