Study: Bugs have more antioxidants than orange juice

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Researchers only analyzed insects already commercially available for eating

You drink your morning orange juice for vitamins and antioxidants to protect you from cell damage but would it bug you to know ingesting some bugs could give you more antioxidants?

A new Italian study says there’s one more reason to eat some bugs now, and not just for protein.

Certain insects like crickets, grasshoppers, and silkworms have five times the antioxidant levels of orange juice.

Researchers bought commercially available insects and analyzed them in the form of fat-free dust for their antioxidant qualities.

The scientists say their work could be important in unlocking more insect-based antioxidants.

And they add more testing is needed to fully know insect antioxidants on humans.

The study was published in “Frontiers in Nutrition.”

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