Smoking makes your face age faster

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A new study confirms cigarettes cause "smoker face", making you appear older.

(FOX NEWS) — Playing poker and gambling can give you a “poker face.”

If you gamble your health on cigarettes, you may get a “smoker face.”

A new study in PLOS Genetics, a peer-review scientific journal, warns cigarette smokers about the dangers of smoking to your skin and face with concerns over young people who smoke.

Smoking leads to yellowing of teeth, more cavities, and losing your teeth at a young age.

It also causes facial skin browning, loss of skin elasticity, and causes more wrinkles.

Consequences can start in the 30’s, and smokers who looked older than their age had two genetic variants non-smokers didn’t have.

The study says social portrayals of smoking in films from 2010 to 2018 may be causing more young people to smoke.

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