A robotics company from Toronto made a stop at St. Andrew’s in Amarillo today, but the technology itself is not what makes the stop special. They are here to help 5-year-old Mabry Rush, walk.

Mabry was diagnosed with a developmental disease at birth, which has confined her to a wheelchair her whole life. Trexo Robotics is here to help her stand and walk on her own today, and all her friends were there to cheer her on.

The medical equipment company invented the wearable robotic device to attach to the child’s legs and then provides the power and assistance needed to walk, and also logs how much the child is helping with the movement, which is important to help track progress. In Mabry’s case, the machine helps with her cardiovascular health and also her muscle memory.

“There’s been a number thrown out there. With 10,000 steps, the 10,000 steps you need in your brain, you know, to have that muscle memory to walk and stuff like that. So with me, or my husband, or her therapist helping her with steps, you can maybe get 50 steps a day, 100 steps a day. But just today, just in the, I think 15 minutes we’ve tried it out, she’s gotten over 500,” said Mabry’s mom, Jennifer.

The Turn Center was originally supposed to get a trial for the equipment, but a few projects got in the way, which is when Jennifer and Sloan Rush decided to contact the company directly. 

The co-inventors actually came up with the idea for this device to help their cousin who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsey. Now, they get to help so many more across the world.      

This is just a trial for Mabry today. The family will be on a waiting list for the next couple of months until one is available for them to use at home.