Research Hope Study Reveals Secret to Longer Life

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Researchers at the University of New Mexico are conducting a study to see if they can unlock the secret to living a longer life.

(KOB)   Researchers at the University of New Mexico are working hard to extend human life by studying yeast and roundworms.

“We really want to understand the basic biology of aging, and we start by asking about it in simple organisms in the lab, but we care because we want to understand it in humans,” said Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mark McCormick.

McCormick said yeast and roundworms live for a few weeks, so it’s easy to keep up with their lifespans. Each day, undergraduate students log whether an organism is alive or dead into spreadsheets.

The research team has been able to double the life of some roundworms by combining a specific gene pathway with a drug. McCormick said in a few years they will start testing on mice.

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