Physicians urge precautions to avoid heat-related illness

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — As temperatures outside continue to rise so do concerns of heat-related illness. This is something that Dr. Rodney Young at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center of Amarillo said is often preventable.

“It’s almost all preventable by taking common-sense measures and trying to prepare or protect yourself from situations that could lead to this dehydration and overheating,” Dr. Young said.

One of the simplest ways to keep from overheating is to simply keep out of the sun.

“Try to plan your day in such a way that you’ll get to take frequent breaks. Take advantage of the opportunity to be in the shade and rest a little bit. Be sure to bring water with you or that you’ll have access to water so that you can restore those losses,” Dr. Young explained.

If you begin to feel symptoms of over heating try to keep calm and use whats around you to help lower your temperature.

“If you’ll take ice packs and put them around the neck, or in the armpits or in the groin, those are areas where there are large blood vessels that flow through the body so cooling those areas helps to cool the core temperature,” Dr. Young explained.

Dr. Young hopes people will take precautions when in the heat and in doing so maybe save a life.

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