New aspirin study different from guidelines

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Medical guidelines say daily aspirin is too risky for most healthy people, but a new study says some can benefit

(CNN) – To take it or not to take it.

We’re talking about aspirin.

A new study says taking aspirin every day can cut down on the risk of heart problems–

The thing is doing that is not in line with the latest guidelines on the issue.

In fact, there’s been a lot of back and forth on this one.

For decades, medical guidelines said taking aspirin daily was a good idea.

But just this year, those guidelines changed, and doctors said it was just too risky for most healthy people.

They were worried about the way aspirin can thin your blood and lead to internal problems.

But this study, which was just published Monday, says for some people the benefits can outweigh the risk.

Researches looked at which was more risky dying from what’s called a bleeding event because the aspirin thinned your blood or dying from a heart attack.

These researchers said, for folks who are healthy, a heart attack is more risky which is why they’re onboard with daily aspirin.

To be clear though, they’re not saying the guidelines should change, but they advise individuals to weigh the risks and benefits with their doctors.

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