Most preemies grow up to be healthy adults

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New study says despite early health concerns, most babies born premature grow up to be healthy adults

(FOX NEWS) — A new study says that despite the health risks facing premature babies most still grow up to be healthy adults.

The study followed more than 2.5-million children.

Of those born prematurely, more than half reported that as adults, they did not have major medical concerns.

Study authors say premature births or babies born before 37 weeks has been linked to long-term health problems like neurological or heart and lung conditions.

But study authors also say there are no studies that followed good health outcomes in adulthood.

For babies born extremely premature those born before 27 weeks, just 22 percent of preemies had no major health concerns in adulthood.

Thanks to advances in medicine, 95 percent of babies born early survive.

The study findings were published Tuesday in “The Journal of the American Medical Association.”

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