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Jim Snack has been making magic most of his life. He’s also a motivational speaker and is now working now on his PhD and teaching.

So carving out time to see the doctor wasn’t tops on the list. 

“But I thought I should ah, at age 60 I should get a physical.”

It had been 3 years between physicals. 

“I had no symptoms, I mean, you don’t even know. It had been growing in me for at least 3 years.”

Prostate cancer. Jim got the diagnosis in January.

Back on his feet in short order after surgery he has a renewed sense of purpose: To encourage men to see their doctor, annually. 

“Men are great deniers. They don’t want to go see the doctor.”

Urologist, Dr. Andrew McCullough says, too often men make a doctor’s appointment only after a spouse or partner pressures them.

But there are a host of health issues men need to be aware of that can be evaluated during an annual exam and early diagnosis can prevent bigger problems. 

“Obesity, diabetes a lot of cancers”

Along with hypertension, prostate diseases besides prostate cancer, bowel cancer, low testosterone levels, infertility and erectile dysfunction. 

As Dr. McCullough notes, when drugs to treat ED don’t work, that’s a sign of a potentially bigger problem. 

“Those are the ones who have vascular disease that I can detect with my testing before the cardiologist will find it with his angiogram.”

So men, work some scheduling magic to make an appointment with your doctor. 

“I’m doing great. I just got my 3 month PSA report. Perfect.”

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