Managing wedding day worries this summer

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Psychologists from Cleveland Clinic say pre-wedding anxiety is very common

If your summer plans include a walk down the aisle, you may be experiencing some pre-wedding jitters.

Psychologists from Cleveland Clinic say, pre-wedding anxiety is very common and most times, it comes from the fear of having all eyes on you.

When anxiety creeps in on your wedding day, psychologists advise brides and grooms to simply allow it to be.

When we spend a lot of time trying to control anxiety, it can be very consuming and often doesn’t help the feeling go away.

It’s suggested a person not overthink potential situations and scenarios ahead of time, as this can produce a lot of worry.

When the actual wedding day arrives, don’t stress yourself out and expect everything to be perfect instead, try to roll with the punches.

Psychologists say our brains are wired to respond if something doesn’t go right, so there’s no need to obsess over details.

And it’s important to remind newlyweds to take time to practice mindfulness to fully enjoy the day because it goes by very fast.

It’s recommended the wedding couple have a point-person available, to help take the burden off of them on the day of the wedding.

Also be sure to allow yourself time to step away and take a break from the festivities to reduce any tensions before stepping back out into the limelight.

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