Link between moms with migraines and colicky babies

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New study says mom who suffer migraines more likely to have a baby with colic

A new study shows a possible link between colicky babies and a mother’s migraine.

Researchers say moms who have migraines are more likely to have a baby with colic.

That risk was higher if moms suffered headaches more than 15 days a month.

Colic or excessive crying and fussiness in an otherwise health newborn may peak at about six weeks after a baby’s birth but could last for up to three months.

While it may not have an impact on the newborn it does have an impact on parental well-being.

Study authors hope the data can help new moms with a history of migraines better prepare for a colicky baby in those first few months.

Researchers did not find the same connection between colic and a father’s history of migraines.

The study results were reported by the American Headache Society.

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