iPhone games better for mental health than mindfulness apps

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As more and more people turn to mindfulness apps to relieve stress, a new study finds smartphone games may be more effective in managing anxiety.

(FOX NEWS) – If you use a mindfulness app to relieve your stress you may want to rethink your strategy.

New research suggests iPhone games may trump mindfulness apps when it comes to managing mental health.

Professors at the University College London and the University of Bath tested this theory by asking students to play either a shape-fitting game or use a mindfulness app.

Those who played the smartphone game, such as Tetris, reported feeling more energized and calmer than those who spent time meditating or breathing with the app.

Researchers point to four characteristics of digital games that can help people feel less stressed.

An opportunity to relax, be distracted from work, feel in control and master a new skill.

While previous research has linked technology use with increased anxiety, the study’s authors say playing these games could be the key to unwinding after work.

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