Human body temp is getting cooler

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A new study suggests 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is no longer the normal human body temperature, there has recently been a slight drop in the number.

(FOX NEWS) — For almost 200-years normal body temperature has been listed as 98.6-degrees Fahrenheit but experts say it’s actually been changing.

According to a new Stanford University study, normal body temperature has been decreasing throughout the decades dipping by roughly 0.054 degrees for men and 0.052-degrees for women.

The study compared close to 700,000 temperature records from 1862 to 2017.

Researchers found, for today’s average person that means, normal body temperature for men is now about 97.53 degrees Fahrenheit and 98.052 degrees for women.

The study cites advances and accessibility in medicine as well as changes in height as possible reasons for the change in temperature.

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