AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The new normal is what many are calling the harsh reality of having to social distance from friends, co-workers, and even loved ones.

“The socialization being related to not be able to go to the gym, or just kind of stroll around the grocery store, or any other store so it’s a change,” Amy Hord, Director of Behavioral Health and Wellness at Family Support Services, explained.

Professionals said people should be cautious of their mental health now more than ever.

“It can definitely trigger anxiety especially for people who haven’t been struggling with anxiety before and if they were then they may start to see that come up,” Hord said.

The CDC is also sharing information on coping with mental stress during this coronavirus pandemic.

Some ways include taking a break from social media. It is also recommended you give yourself a few ways to unwind physically.

“Being outside while keeping social distancing is huge. So can you go sit outside in the evening and have your favorite soda or have a glass of water and really watch the sunset or read while you’re outside,” Hord stated.

Keeping active is also a way to release stress and stay healthy.

“The ability to do a workout and exercise will boost those endorphins,” Hord said.

Health professionals said it is important to remember that stress and how you deal with it can affect kids as well.

“As many things that you can do to keep your kids engaged in activities as well and keep them as much on a routine. A routine provides a sense of security and a sense of control,” said.

FSS sasdi mental health is a priority and keeping they are here for those who need them.