BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A third death has been reported linked to a fungal meningitis outbreak in Matamoros.

A post by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now lists three deaths attributed to fungal meningitis in the United States.

National health officials are responding to a multi-national outbreak of fungal meningitis among patients who had procedures in Matamoros under epidural anesthesia, the CDC stated.

“Officials have identified two clinics associated with the outbreak: River Side Surgical Center and Clinica K-3. These clinics were closed on May 13, 2023,” the post stated.

Those who had procedures at those clinics between Jan. 1 and May 13 were potentially exposed to fungal meningitis, and are being urged to go to the nearest emergency room for evaluation.

The post states that there are currently monitoring 185 people who so far aren’t experiencing systems, and 14 suspected cases.