AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — BSA Sleep Disorders Center is now offering sleep studies for children, ages 3 to 17.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, it is estimated that up to 50% of children will experience problems sleeping. Sleep disorders, conditions that interrupt a person’s natural sleep cycle, can cause negative side effects in children if left untreated.

“When a child doesn’t receive an adequate amount of sleep they may develop problems with their attention span, behavior, memory, emotional regulation and mental health,” BSA Sleep Disorder Center Manager, Jeannie Pruitt said.

Sleep disorders, though common in children, are often left undiagnosed. Changes in behavior or sleep patterns may be an early indicator of a sleep disorder.

“Early warning signs of a sleep disorder may include changes in mood, increased anxiety, depression, poor sleeping habits and insomnia,” Pruitt shared. “If your child experiences any of these warning signs, they may qualify for a sleep study at our clinic.”

During a sleep study at BSA Sleep Disorders Center, specially-trained technicians monitor all aspects of a child’s sleep patterns over the period of one night including their heart rate, oxygen levels and eye movement. Results are then interpreted by a board-certified sleep specialist and an individualized treatment plan is created.

Physician referrals are required for a sleep study. For more information on sleep studies at BSA Sleep Disorders Center, visit