Area Number of Flu Cases on the Rise


The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) releases a weekly surveillance report on the Flu in Texas on January 25. 

The DSHS reported that the flu activity cases rose in the Amarillo Health Service Region. 18 of the 26 Counties in the viewing area reported positive Flu tests and six tested reported flu-like illnesses. 

Locally Anastacia Nix, MD, with BSA CareXpress on Ross-Osage said, “Up until recently, the flu season has been pretty mild. However, we’re starting to see more cases daily.”

The Texas Department of State Health Services is reporting multiple types of flu in the state of Texas. 

Flu symptoms can include fever, upset stomach, muscle aches, sore throat, and a cough. It is advised to seek medical attention within the first 48 hours of noticing symptoms.

Nix has some tips to stay healthy, which includes staying home from work, washing your hands, and making sure you and those around you get a flu shot will help.

Another key part of fighting the flu off is taking precaution, especially if you know you’ve been around someone who has been sick.

Gabriela Benavidez, a nurse at BSA CareXpress, says flu bacteria can live on surfaces. “They need to make sure they wipe down the area, keyboards, phones, door handles. They need to be really wiped down with antibacterial to limit exposures.”

1,865 Pneumonia & Influenza deaths have been reported in Texas during the current influenza season. (September 30, 2018 to January 2, 2019)

56 of those deaths were in the Amarillo Health Service Region which includes all of the Texas Panhandle. 

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