A third of Americans are cleaning wrong

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A recent CDC survey finds one in three Americans don't know how to properly use cleaning products.

(FOX NEWS) — According to the CDC, if you’re a vigorous cleaner around your place because of the coronavirus, your earnestness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cleaning right.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention taking a may poll of over 500 people, and how they clean to stay safe from the coronavirus.

The poll looking at finding problem areas, such as safe preparation of cleaning and disinfectant solutions, use of personal protective equipment and safe storage of cleaners and disinfectants.

Almost forty percent used “Non-recommended, high-risk” practices, such as washing food with bleach, applying household cleaners directly to skin, and inhaling or ingesting cleaning products.

The CDC recommends a diluted bleach solution with one-third cup bleach per gallon of room temperature water for disinfecting.

The agency also says allow for a surface contact time of at least one minute, and create ventilation after application.


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