Food Truck Aims to Serve High-End, Locally Sourced Dishes


An Amarillo food truck, Flavour Weal, opened in January with high hopes of serving the community nutritious, high-end dishes, all sourced from local farmers and ranchers. 

Owner Savannah Gates and Chef Rose Guzman said they felt the Yellow City was missing out on the benefits of creating dishes with homegrown food.

“Most of our food comes in on trucks,” Gates explained. “Most of it comes from California, Florida, all over the U.S. really. And so, having local, it’s just a completely different flavor profile.” 

“When things come in local it makes you appreciate them more,” Guzman added. “Especially, if you grow them yourself or you know the story behind the family or farmer that grows those greens. When you’re putting together these items, you are more passionate about it.” 

Gates and Guzman said Flavour Weal gets their grass-fed beef from a ranch in Clayton, New Mexico, while mushrooms come from a farm in Amarillo. Most of the produce used, is grown in the Flavour Weal hydroponic farm. Hydroponic means the plants grow in nutrient-dense liquid, instead of soil. 

Flavour Weal isn’t the only restaurant in town that uses produce from the hydroponic farm. Gates said they are producing for six restaurants, like OHMS and Metropolitan. 

“So, [we’re] letting them play a bit more in their kitchens by having conversations with them about what specials are you wanting to have on your menu this summer?” Gates said. “What can we grow for your, months in advance, to get you ready and stretch a little bit on your menu?”

Gates is also helping develop an app, Vinder, which helps connect customers to farmers in their area and the products they grow. 

All of their efforts are an attempt to create a better dining experience for their customers. 

“It’s something where if you can get them to taste it then they’re in love,” Gates described. “And they come back for more because you feel amazing after eating it.” 

“Everything is based on flavor, nutrition and looks,” Guzman explained. “Looks are really important.” 
The menu at Flavour Weal changes weekly. Mostly it is inspired by what Guzman can get her hands on but she said the weather and social media also inspire her. 

You can find out more about Flavour Weal and where they’ll be by following them on Facebook. 

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