Florida mom calls fashion police on her son


A Florida mom calls the police on her son but it’s not what you think.

Diana Wicks of Gainesville was on a mission to help her son dress his best for a wedding.

After lots of preparing and ironing, Wicks realized she didn’t know how to tie a tie.

That’s when she decided to call the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

Wicks described her predicament and asked if any officer could help her out.

Hannah Mesh, a newly trained 9-1-1 call-taker, stepped up to the plate.

The dispatcher says, “Communications, we’re on a recorded line, do you have an emergency?”

Wicks says, “No. I don’t have an emergency, I’m outside the door, do you have an officer in there that knows how to tie a tie?”

The dispatcher says, “I’m sorry, an officer that knows how to what, ma’am?”

Wicks says, “Tie a tie.”

The dispatcher says, “Tie a tie?”

Wicks says, “And I’d already prepared all of his clothes, ironed and everything, his brother and I ironed his pants and stuff, and so the only thing that was left was his tie. I said oh my goodness, I don’t know how am I gonna tie this tie?”

Wicks says, “Oh I said okay there’s a bell, so I hit the bell.”

Mesh says, “And so I just kind of sat up and said ‘i can tie a tie’.”

Wicks says, “I said you can tie this tie? And she says oh yeah so she took the tie from me and she took it and put it around her neck and she tied it. I said oh my goodness. I am so happy Y’all done made my day.”

Mesh says, “And that small task throughout our entire day, made my day and a lot of my coworkers’ day.”

The fashion police came to the rescue saving the day with a small gesture but a big message that even a little help goes a long way to make someone’s day. 

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