First Ever “Rockin For Robin” Fundraiser

The children of a woman who was murdered a little more than two years ago are getting some help from the community.
Robin Spielbauer’s body was found in April of 2014 on Helium Road.

The case has received a lot of attention, and a lot of debate regarding who committed the crime.

When Spielbauer died, she left behind two daughters.

Today, her friends are working to raise enough money to secure a future for those children.
The mood was upbeat but emotional as people filled Zombiez Bar and Grill for the first ever “Rockin for Robin” fundraiser.
“The idea was really brought to my heart,” Event Organizer Kim Whitfield said. “I knew Robin, my son was a friend of hers. When she passed, I felt it in my heart that the girls were going to need help. I had lost my mom when I was young, so I understand how hard it is.”
Although many used today as a reflection on Spielbauer’s life, the event was designed for a different purpose.
“Robin’s main goal in life was to make sure her kids got a good education,” Erin House, a close friend of Spielbauer, said. “If we can help get them there for her, I’m all for it.”
“Everything is focused on the tragedy and what happened but they forget there are two little girls involved and going through something that I can’t even imagine what they’ve gone through,” Event Co-Coordinator Debbie Warden said. 
Warden actually didn’t know Spielbauer personally, but when she found out about her story, she says she had to help out.
Warden explained, “I mean why would you not? If you have a heart at all why wouldn’t you want to step up and say, ‘What can I do for this situation?’ It’s a tragedy.”
Many gathering today to show the memory of Spielbauer will never be forgotten.
Whitfield says, “She was a beautiful, wonderful mother. she was a very loving person. I think if anyone ever came in contact with her was touched by her in some way.”
House described Spielbauer as a very giving, loving and happy woman. She said Spielbauer loved her children more than anything.

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