Firefighting Fitness Simulator Featured at Gold's Gym

AMARILLO - Randy Johnson invented a firefighter entrance exam simulator, the FireFit, to train aspiring and veteran firefighters for the challenge of the job.

One of his models was featured at Gold's Gym at Blackburn for boot camp training. The boot camp training is a one hour course involving the FireFit and various exercises. 

The FireFit exercise is meant to simulate the physical aspects of firefighting. Climbing steps for over three minutes, carrying kettlebells, working a sledgehammer, and dragging hoses are all part of the exercise. 

Johnson said he has FireFit models in the Randall County Fire Department Station, Potter County Fire Station, New Deal, Dalhart, and several in Colorado. He plans to have one in Amarillo as well. 

For more information on the boot camp and the FireFit go to the Firefit Firefighter Fitness Trainer Facebook page. 

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