Fire and Safety Demonstration at Borger Dome


A fire and safety demonstration was held in Borger today. The idea of the event was to help reduce burns in the oil and gas industry by using an unconventional method.

For those in the oil and gas industry safety comes first, especially when dealing with a possible fire.

“What we’re doing is doing a refresher with an educational tool that DuPont has called Thermo Man,” Regional Manager for DuPont, Steve Mata said.

Thermo Man is a life-sized mannequin with  122 sensors around the body that is lit on fire with eight torches. After that, they tell you if the person would have lived or not. This point being that the damage is all because of the clothing they were wearing.

“Oil and gas workers wear flame-resistant clothing on a daily basis. Sometimes they take it for granted so we’re holding a power point presentation, first of all, to tell them the do’s and don’t of what they’re wearing and the limitations of what they’re doing,” Mata explained. 

Thermo Man shows what will happen if workers wear the wrong clothing. The wrong clothing can actually make some burns worse.

Managers are hoping that with events and demos like this the fewer accidents will occur.

“I’m hopeful with the commitment that we have from the City of Borger, all the safety managers, all the attendees here today just thinking about safety and thinking about their personal protective gear. I think this will make a big difference,” Protective Apparel Regional Manager, Mike Perun said.

Due to heavy rain, the Thermo Man demonstration was canceled for safety reasons.

Participants were able to enjoy a free meal and ask questions to vendors.

DuPont plans on hosting more events in the near future in Borger.

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