Fake Milk Threatens Traditional Dairy Farms


Got milk? Or was it almond milk?

This debate is now pitting dairy farmers against the makers of alternative Milk products.

Plant-based beverages have taken the health industry by storm.

Consumers across the country are opting for dairy-free milk rather than the Traditional American drink.

While vegans might be rejoicing at the abundance of options, dairy farmers aren’t so pleased.

Producers of cow’s milk say the plant-based industry shouldn’t be allowed to use the word “milk” to define its products.

They say the label makes it difficult for customers to differentiate between cow’s milk and non-dairy milk.

The Food and Drug Administration has come under fire for failing to protect the dairy industry in recent years.

Cow farmers are hoping the FDA will soon crack down on processors, and force dairy-free drinks to moo-ve over once and for all. 

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