Facebook Moderators Claim PTSD


A report on a day in the life of facebook’s thousands of content moderators paints a very dark picture.

An investigation by the verge unveiling the dark side of being a Facebook content moderator.

The moderators say they are often subjected to poor working conditions and, suffer PTSD-like symptoms.

This, as they are exposed daily to some of the most disturbing posts like hate speech and violent attacks.

The report says workers joke about self-harm, do drugs on the job, develop severe anxiety or have panic attacks.

All this because of the horrifying content they’re forced to view.

The verge report says most of the moderators interviewed quit after one year.

Facebook says it will implement, quote, “Rigorous and regular compliance and audit process” for the contractors who employee people to moderate Facebook content.

Also, the social media giant’s vice president of global operations says the company will be standardizing its contracts for these jobs and would hold more regular and comprehensive focus groups with vendor employees.

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