Empower Texans Supporting Local Candidates

AMARILLO - Here on the High Plains, a Senate and two House seats are up for grabs this November. 

The March primaries will determine which candidates end up on the ballot. 

The challengers, Mike Canon, Drew Brassfield, and Jason Huddleston, against, the incumbents, Sen. Kel Seliger, Rep. Four Price, and Rep. Ken King. 

The latter group may have the experience but Canon, Brassfield, and Huddleston are backed by Empower Texans, a Political Action Committee in Texas. 

"I believe in what they believe in," Mike Canon said. "They believe in free enterprise, holding government officials accountable. They believe in limiting the size of government. I think our government officials should be accountable and we should have transparency, so I am really happy to have their endorsement."

In the last month, Empower Texans has given Canon almost $350,000 for his campaign. In that same time period, Drew Brassfield received $10,000, and Huddleston was given $25,000. 

Some question Empower Texans' tactics, including Rep. Four Price, who said a recent mailer sent out about him does not state the truth.

"Despite the fact that they tried to label me a certain way, that's kind of the oldest trick in the book and that's how you beat incumbents, especially in the last month of a political race," said Representative Price. "Small groups with political agendas that send out mail and things of that nature to try and influence elections, are unfortunate, but I think our voters here in the panhandle are smart enough to see through the white noise and know truth from fiction, and make educated choices."

At the state level, Empower Texans is supporting all incumbents, including Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Other candidates running in these races that are not backed by Empower Texans include Victor Leal, facing off against Canon and Sen. Seliger for the Senate seat.

In the house race for District 87, Richard Beyea and Ezekiel Barron are challenging Rep. King and Huddleston.

We reached out to Empower Texans to talk about their process but they were not able to get back to us before this article was written.

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