CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – West Texas A&M University officials launched their “Beat Any Offer” recruitment strategy to increase enrollment.

According to the release, students will have the opportunity to submit award offers they have received from other higher education institutions, with the possibility of WT providing a counteroffer.

“We know how important the price points are getting more important all the time as costs go up and what we’re trying to do is provide students and families an opportunity to do head-to-head comparisons on the costs of an education,” said Dr. Walter Wendler, President of West Texas A&M University.

Students must follow four steps in order to receive a counteroffer.

“What they do is show us the offer, and then we work through it on a head-to-head basis, if their offer is for a scholarship that covers half of the tuition and fees, we’ll look at what half of the tuition and fees would be here,” explained Wendler. Then they can do a net out-of-pocket comparison of costs.”

Wendler shared that although the perceived value of the degree may vary students will have the upfront cost.

Wendler continued, “We will try to match any offer, even if it’s a full scholarship, we would then try to give a full scholarship here, if the fit seems to be right.”

Officials said that the average cost for tuition and fees at West Texas A&M University for 15 undergraduate hours is $9,202 for in-state students and $11,376 for out-of-state students.

“What we really want to do is do what’s right by the students, we want to serve the students first by being honest about costs here and costs in other places and we feel pretty confident that we’re a good deal,” added Wendler.

According to WT enrollment numbers are up and that is a trend they would like to see continue by sharing their message with students far and near.

“We think the more times that we get our message out through individuals who have had a good experience here, the better our chances of getting more students of high caliber that want to go to work and do a good job,” said Wendler. “Because that’s where our commitment is.”

Funding for the “Beat Any Offer” initiative will come from WT’s scholarship funds.

“We have so many other scholarship opportunities available,” stated Wendler. “If the funds run out, that’ll be good news for me, that’ll mean that we’re having an impact and we just need to go raise more scholarship money. And that’s what we’ll do.”

WT hopes that the new program will attract more students to the area and allow students to see the benefit of living in the region and staying after graduation.

“If we get a chance to show them that while they’re in school, that maybe they’ll stay here after school and add to the economic prosperity of our region,” said Wendler.”