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In a statement provided to MyHighPlains.com, officials with Amarillo ISD commented on its overall 2022 A-F Accountability Rating, saying:

“The State’s accountability scores, which are based on the scores from the state-mandated STAAR test, show that not only did the District recover losses from the COVID years, but Amarillo ISD’s performance is ahead of where we were pre-pandemic. These numbers are encouraging, especially given the complex makeup of our district. AISD teachers have done a phenomenal job staying focused on providing quality instruction for kids, despite the setbacks and unpredictable nature of the past couple of years. We believe we’re on track to see additional growth and will continue to focus on closing achievement gaps and implementing a strong curriculum for all students.”

Amarillo ISD Officials

Cameron Rosser, the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for Canyon ISD, said that the district found out its “A” rating last week, saying that there was “a lot of celebration, a lot of high fives (that) happened over the weekend.”

Ultimately, Rosser said the district is excited about what that rating represents for Canyon ISD’s teachers and students, especially as the school year is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

“Honestly, there’s a lot of great things happening in Canyon ISD and you have to step back and think, okay, what’s the most important thing,” Rosser said. “The most important thing are the kids and they’re coming tomorrow and so the focus tomorrow is going to be let’s build relationships and let’s make sure our kids know that we love them, that we’re going to do everything that we possibly can for them. That’s just the foundation of any positive experience that you have with one another. We’re going to be focused on building relationships and celebrating successes.”

However, even with the successes, Rosser said that there are still some things that the district can work on. This includes early numeracy programs in Kindergarten, first grade and second grade, along with writing programs across the board.

Rosser said this rating shows the community that the district as a whole is committed to excellence, even as it continues to grow.

“As we continue to grow, as we continue to get larger, we’re going to ensure that our students have the experience and the opportunities that they need to be successful, not only in school but in life,” he said. “That’s what I hope it shows… I hope that we continue to improve in those areas and just make sure that our students have everything that they need to be successful.”

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This story has been updated to update Amarillo ISD’s overall score on the 2022 A-F Accountability Ratings.

AUSTIN, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Texas Education Agency recently released the 2022 A-F accountability ratings for districts and campuses. This comes after the TEA has not issued this data since 2019 because of the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the education system.

According to a news release from the agency, the TEA reported that 25% of districts throughout the state, along with 33% of campuses, improved their letter grade from 2019.

Each campus and each district were given an A, B or C rating or were assigned a “Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365” rating overall and for three domains – Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing The Gaps, according to the release. The schools and districts that received an overall “Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365” rating or that rating for one of the domains is when the respective entity did not reach 70 in a category.

According to the TEA’s 2022 Accountability Manual, a campus or a district can also receive a “Not Rated” rating under the following criteria:

  • The district or campus has no data in the accountability subset;
  • The district or campus has insufficient data to assign a rating;
  • The district operates only residential facilities;
  • The campus is a juvenile justice alternative education program (JJAEP);
  • The campus is a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP);
  • The campus is a residential facility;
  • The commissioner otherwise determines that the district or campus will not be rated.

“These results show our state’s significant investment in the post-pandemic academic recovery of Texas public school students is bearing fruit,” Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath said in the release. “I’m grateful for the driving force behind this year’s success: our teachers and local school leaders. Statewide policy in Texas continues to remain focused on meeting the needs of students, with an accountability system that supports high expectations, robust tutoring supports, rigorous curricular resources and an investment in evidence-based training for our teachers.” 

MyHighPlains.com has compiled the following TEA 2022 A-F accountability data for the five school districts located in the Amarillo area:

Amarillo Independent School District

District/Campus NameOverallScoreStudent AchievementAcademic GrowthRelative PerformanceClosing the Gaps
Amarillo ISDB89B BA B
Avondale ElementaryB87B B B B
Belmar ElementaryA94A ABA
Bivins ElementaryC79CC B C
Coronado ElementaryB89B A B B
Eastridge ElementaryB89CA B B
Emerson ElementaryA93A BA A
Forest Hills ElementaryA90C B BA
George Washington Carver Early Childhood Academy B83N/RN/RN/RN/R
George Washington Carver Elementary AcademyB83C B BC
Glenwood ElementaryB87B C AC
Hamlet ElementaryC71 N/RCN/RN/R
Humphrey’s Highland ElementaryB82CN/RBC
Lamar ElementaryB 85C B B C
Landergin ElementaryB83CB BC
Lawndale ElementaryC78N/RB N/RN/R
Mesa Verde ElementaryA93C A BB
Oak Dale ElementaryB85N/RB CC
Olsen Park ElementaryC79BC C C
Paramount Terrace ElementaryA94B A B A
Park Hills ElementaryB81C CBC
Pleasant Valley ElementaryA92BAAB
Puckett ElementaryA92AABA
Ridgecrest ElementaryB84BBBB
Rogers ElementaryA91CABB
San Jacinto ElementaryB82N/RBCC
Sanborn ElementaryB83CBCB
Sleepy Hollow ElementaryB88ACBC
South Georgia ElementaryA94BABA
South Lawn ElementaryB82CBBC
Sunrise ElementaryA91BBAA
Tradewind ElementaryB89BBBB
Western Plateau ElementaryB89BABB
Whittier ElementaryA93ABAA
Wills ElementaryB89BABC
Windsor ElementaryA90AABB
Wolflin ElementaryB87ABAC
Woodlands ElementaryB89ACAC
Austin Middle SchoolB87BBAB
Bonham Middle SchoolB88ABBB
Bowie Sixth Grade CampusN/RN/R N/R N/R CN/R
Bowie Middle SchoolB81CBBC
Crockett Middle SchoolB89ABBB
Fannin Middle SchoolC73CN/RCN/R
Houston Middle SchoolC77CN/RBN/R
Johnny N Allen – Sixth Grade CampusC76N/RN/RBN/R
Lorenzo De Zavala Middle SchoolA92ABBA
Mann Middle School B82CBBC
Travis Sixth Grade CampusC77CN/RBN/R
Travis Middle SchoolC78CCBC
Amarillo Area Center for Advanced LearningN/RN/RN/RN/RN/R
Amarillo High SchoolB88AN/RBB
Caprock High SchoolB86BBAC
North Heights Alternative High SchoolC77BN/RN/RN/R
Palo Duro High SchoolB82CCBC
Tascosa High SchoolC79CN/RBC

Bushland ISD

District/Campus NameOverallScoreStudent AchievementAcademic GrowthRelative PerformanceClosing the Gaps
Bushland ISDA95ABAA
Bushland ElementaryB87ACCC
Bushland Middle SchoolB86BBN/RB
Bushland High SchoolA97ABBA

Canyon ISD

District/Campus NameOverallScoreStudent AchievementAcademic GrowthRelative PerformanceClosing the Gaps
Arden Road ElementaryA92ABBB
City View ElementaryB88BBBB
Crestview ElementaryA95AABA
Gene Howe ElementaryA90BBBA
Heritage Hills ElementaryC78BN/RN/RN/R
Hillside ElementaryA95AABA
Lakeview ElementaryB85BBBB
Reeves-Hinger ElementaryA94ABAA
Spring Canyon ElementaryC78BN/RCN/R
Sundown Lane ElementaryB82BBBB
Canyon IntermediateA94ABBA
Canyon Junior HighB89ABBB
Greenways IntermediateB89ABBB
Pinnacle IntermediateB88BBBB
Westover Park Junior HighA91AABA
Canyon High SchoolA90AN/RBB
Midway Alternative High SchoolA97AN/RN/RN/R
Randall High SchoolB88ABBB
Youth Center of the High PlainsN/RN/RN/RN/RN/R

Highland Park ISD

District/Campus NameOverallScoreStudent AchievementAcademic GrowthRelative PerformanceClosing the Gaps
Highland Park ISDA91ABAB
Highland Park ElementaryB88BBBB
Highland Park Middle SchoolB80CN/RBC
Highland Park High SchoolA90ABAB

River Road ISD

District/Campus NameOverallScoreStudent AchievementAcademic GrowthRelative PerformanceClosing the Gaps
River Road ISDB83BN/RBC
Rolling Hills ElementaryC70CN/RN/RN/R
Willow Vista Early Childhood AcademyC70N/RN/RN/RN/R
River Road Middle SchoolC77CCCC
River Road High SchoolB81BN/RBC

The TEA also reported the following 2022 accountability data for the following districts in the Texas Panhandle region.

District NameOverallScore
Borger ISDB84
Sanford-Fritch ISDB81
Plemons-Stinnett Phillips CISDA90
Spring Creek ISDB87
Texhoma ISDA90
Stratford ISDB89
Gruver ISDA98
Pringle-Morse CISDB86
Spearman ISDA 96
Chillicothe ISDB86
Quanah ISDA91
Perryton ISDA91
Boys Ranch ISDN/RN/R
Vega ISDA97
Adrian ISDB89
Wildorado ISDB87
Booker ISDA91
Follett ISDB85
Darrouzett ISDB81
Channing ISDB84
Hartley ISDA97
Dumas ISDB87
Sunray ISDA90
Lefors ISDC78
McLean ISDA93
Pampa ISD B85
Grandview-Hopkins ISDB82
Miami ISDA93
Canadian ISDA95
Shamrock ISDC76
Wheeler ISDA91
Kelton ISDB86
Fort Elliot CISDA94
Groom ISDA92
Panhandle ISD A97
White Deer ISDB88
Hereford ISDC73
Walcott ISDA94
Bovina ISDA90
Farwell ISDB89
Friona ISDB88
Lazbuddie ISDB84
Dimmitt ISDB82
Hart ISDB81
Nazareth ISDA98
Claude ISDA94
Clarendon ISDB84
Hedley ISDA95
Memphis ISDB87
Turkey-Quitaque ISDA94
Wellington ISDB87
Childress ISDA90
Paducah ISDB86
Happy ISDA93
Tulia ISDC77
Kress ISDB83
Silverton ISDA93
Dalhart ISDB85
Texline ISD A94

For specific campus data, and data for districts and campuses throughout the rest of the state of Texas, visit the TEA’s website.