Saber-toothed anchovies once swam the ocean


Researchers say predatory, foot long saber-toothed anchovies once hunted the oceans.

(CNN) — Fish in the sea had a lot more to worry about than “Jaws” 50 million years ago.

Would you believe saber-toothed anchovies?

Scientists found fossils showing these versions of anchovies roamed the ocean 41 to 54 million years ago.

Using a form of Computed Tomography, or what we know at a “CT scan”, researchers discovered multiple fangs in the fish’s lower jaw and one massive saber tooth up top.

According to “Science” magazine, it is believed these teeth were used for hunting.

Saber-toothed anchovies evolved after dinosaurs were extinct then became extinct themselves before modern humans appeared on earth.

But many of the fish we still see today were around at the same time.

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