BORGER, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “We’re coming out of a different decade, a different century into the new century and we have a lot of new technology that we’re very excited about,” said Matt Ammerman, Borger High School Principal.

There’s excitement indeed at Borger ISD as back in May 2017, Borger citizens approved a nearly $41 million bond to provide, what Ammerman said, were much-needed upgrades, especially at the high school.

“We’ve been in a building, the first and second floor that really was not up to date and the kids could feel that,” said Ammerman.

The bond projects included renovations to those floors, re-constructing the high school gym into four brand new freshmen classrooms and labs and some updated technology like smart TVs and more.

“Markerboard walls, we’ll have vinyl walls that the kids can mark on, desks that kids will be able to write on, to do problems, take notes or just to do anything like that,” said Ammerman.

“It’s been great having all these things, probably the most used thing are the smart tv and the whiteboards,” said Thomas Hodge, Borger High School Dept. of Mathematics Liaison.

Hodge teaches honors algebra two, college algebra, college calculus and says this new technology has opened up new pathways for his students to learn.

“We can pull open a live calculator that we can do calculations and the kids can actually see the keystrokes rather than having to say what is this particular key or that key. It’s been great seeing all the new stuff, can’t wait to see the final product once we finally get there,” said Hodge.

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