AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with the Leaders Readers Network nonprofit organization recently announced 36 area educators have been chosen to participate in the 2022-23 Literacy Fellowship.

According to a news release from the network, the fellowship provides educators with professional development, a classroom library, literacy enrichment activities and books for students four times a year. The goal of the fellowship is to “help further literacy development and build avid readers with educators across their classrooms and schools.

“We strive to partner with educators and school leaders to help support campus literacy goals and implement our resources to help drive improved literacy outcomes and a culture of reading,” Chris McGilvery, the founder and executive director of the network, said in the release. “It’s exciting to know we will be working educators at over 60 schools across the nation. This project will impact their teaching and students’ learning in many ways.”

According to the release, the 36 educators from around the area will gather for a meet and greet event at the Wolflin location of Palace Coffee at 4:30 p.m. Saturday. The area educators who have been chosen for this fellowship include:

  • Rachel Aragon, Lakeview Elementary;
  • Martha Bourquin, Will Rogers Elementary;
  • Jennifer Bowling, Crestview Elementary;
  • Darian Wieck, Whittier Elementary;
  • Britney Carlisle, George Washington Carver Elementary Academy;
  • Rachel Chandler, Bivins Elementary;
  • Blythe Chapman, Mesa Verde Elementary;
  • Madison Coleman, Bowie Middle School;
  • Hilary Deaver, Whittier Elementary;
  • Abbie Eaves, Rogers Elementary;
  • Darby Errington, Will Rogers Elementary;
  • Nataly Gonzalez, Bivins Elementary;
  • Yvette Henderson, Johnny Allen Sixth Grade Campus;
  • Rachael Kettler, George Washington Carver Elementary Academy;
  • Molly Kyle, Avondale Elementary;
  • Amy McDade, George Washington Carver Academy;
  • Adrienne Mims, Hamlet Elementary;
  • Anna Ortiz, Will Rogers Elementary;
  • Katy Pacheco, George Washington Carver Academy;
  • Kallison Pope, Bivins Elementary;
  • Lacee Ratcliff, Tascosa High School;
  • Ellie Scott, Tascosa High school Child Development and Principles of Education;
  • Courtnie Smith-Werner, Will Rogers Elementary;
  • Heather Soltero, Tascosa High School;
  • Daneen Velasquez, George Washington Carver Elementary Academy;
  • Katelyn Wedel, Will Rogers Elementary;
  • Melissa Davis, Avondale Elementary;
  • Abbie Ellison, Avondale Elementary;
  • Alicia Sanderson, Avondale Elementary;
  • Destiny Cummings, Avondale Elementary;
  • Lisa Gillialand, Avondale Elementary;
  • Hayden Maas, Avondale Elementary;
  • Heather Smith, Avondale Elementary;
  • Casey Williams, Avondale Elementary;
  • Kerilyn Brown, George Washington Carver Elementary Academy;
  • Susan Woods, George Washington Carver Elementary Academy.

For more information about the educators chosen for the fellowship and for more information about the network, visit the Leaders Readers Network’s website.