DWI cases continue causing a concern in Amarillo


Two people have already lost their lives this year in the city limits because of drinking and driving, according to Amarillo Police.

But it isn’t from a lack of effort on their part.

Corporal Jeb Hilton tells us they have been implementing changes to help increase awareness to drive the numbers down.

“It is something that we have continued to put more officers out and continued to stress with our officers how important this is and how many lives can be saved just by going out and working these DWI’s, but we need help from the public, we need them to be more responsible. We need them to make a phone call and plan ahead.”

Along with added enforcement, APD is also putting out a weekly list of DWI related arrests.

“It isn’t to embarrass anybody, it is to show people there are real people behind these numbers, these aren’t just stats we are putting out, we are putting out the names, and we want people to know these are your family members, these are your friends, and they are the ones causing these accidents and causing these deaths,” said Hilton.

Cpl. Hilton said the police department has also tried to increase awareness by showing the true consequences of a DWI wreck with photos.

“Some people when we have posted these pictures have been upset, and they have told us that they felt it was out of line but what they have to understand is our first responders are showing up and seeing these accidents, and we are having to show up to a door to tell a parent or family member that their child or their husband or their wife is not coming home because of this accident so people need to know this is a real thing, it is very serious,” added Hilton.

Amarillo is a no-refusal city, meaning police can get a warrant for your blood or breath if you are suspected of drunk driving.

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