Nearly six months after a Dumas woman went missing, her common law husband is accused of killing her.

Investigators confirmed the murder Monday after finding the victim’s body.

Ginger Michelle Rodriguez, 39, was reported missing in August.

Her common law husband, David Richard Volk, 40, is charged with her murder.

Investigators caught a break in the missing persons case while questioning Volk.

Moore county Sheriff Chief Deputy Carmen Napp said, “Just through interviews and the statment given by mister Volk, we were able to determine she was on the property.”

When asked if Volk confessed, Napp said, “He gave a statement as to that.” 

Rodriguez’s body was located Monday at the home she shared with Volk near NW 8th and Maddox.

The cause of death has yet to be released.

Police did not search the home when Rodriguez originally went missing in August, because she apparently had a history of just leaving.

Also, investigators had no evidence to secure a warrant. “Mister Volk was questioned. “It was her father who actually reported her missing.” Napp said.

Napp would not discuss a possible motive. But, did say law enforcement had never been to the home on a domestic violence call.

Volk is being held in the Moore county jail on $1,000,000 bond.

The Texas Rangers and Dumas police are assisting the sheriff’s office in the investigation.