Drama Continues to Unfold in 5A Wrestling Team Championship Ruling

CYPRESS, TX. - Saturday night the Dumas High School boys wrestling team was crowned the team state champions in Class 5A, narrowly edging Randall High School by one point, 92-91.

Sunday morning, Raiders head coach David Quirino rechecked the math and those numbers told a different story.

Quirino recounted his teams' point total, which are compiled based on individual results throughout the tournament, and kept coming up with 92 points. That would make it a tie for first place with Dumas and the two schools would be co-state champs.

The discrepancy is a result of a scoring error, when the Randall girls' wrestling team was deducted a point from their overall score in the girls tournament by an official, which was later overturned and the point was later reinstated. However, a mistake was made in the computing of that exchange, and the point was also deducted from the Randall boys' team score and never corrected. The mistake went unnoticed until Sunday morning, when Quirino recounted his teams' score at the suggestion of a friend who was a former wrestling coach.

According to University Interscholastic League (UIL) rules however, a team has 30 minutes after a tournament to protest a scoring discrepancy. Quirino didn't contact UIL officials until he noticed the error Sunday morning, well after the 30 minute window.

UIL officials did not respond to our requests for comment. Quirino expects a ruling from the UIL on Monday morning.

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